This is another image of the blue cart; see previous posts for more info on White Night Brighton.


 This is the actual cart with Emma the model inside.  The carts were lit by torches, street light and candlelight and were dragged around the city by teams of volunteers.  Emma is one of the founders of lingerie designers Ophelia Fancy and designed the costumes for all the carts.

This map was done for the White Night Festival 2010 in Brighton.  I project managed a through the night life drawing event alongside other arts events in the city.  Enlightenment involved a static theatre of life drawing and 3 hand painted, bespoke carts that were pulled to different locations in the streets opening up theatrically to reveal models inside.  Drawing packages were handed out to people in the streets who were then encouraged to have a go at life drawing.  Each cart had a different theme.  We tied the event up with Brighton animators networking group who also used the Enlightenment as inspiration and this map also appeared in their publications.