Drawing from human dissection at Brighton medical school.

I spent some time drawing in the anatomy room at Brighton Medical School at Sussex university the other day; I thought it could be a useful and inform my life drawings.  This was organised by the Brighton Medical Student Art Society.  The experience was quite a strange one.  All bodies were treated with respect and cadaver heads were covered.  Drawings were completed in silence and we were allowed to draw and observe sections of bodies and the internal organs of one main body shown here.  I found drawing fairly difficult as I only had a rough idea about what I was looking at –   probably a full on anatomy class would have been useful!  In the end I found I was only comfortable drawing the main body rather than the body sections which seemed completely removed from being human in any way.  The chemical smell was strong and disconcerting after a few hours too.  Ultimately it was an incredibly interesting experience but I’m not sure how useful it is to my personal work right now…

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