Draw Brighton


Oli Spleen. Performance poet.

Portraits completed at “Draw Brighton” at Artist Residence in biro, ink and oil pastel.  I like the challenge of committing to the line and not having a chance to erase any mark I make.

New Commission – Auto Body

  This is a commission for the US band Auto Body.  I work in acrylic on card which allows me to contrast flat colours (looking contemporary – eg; screen print revival and digital illustration) with more painterly marks (more traditional watercolour technique.)  It’ll be interesting to see where these take me…

 Copyright – Helen Cann

Acrylic on card

Another pic for the Bungeroosh Gallery (see last two previous posts) based around the old fertility figure of the Green Man – usually shown with leaves coming out of his mouth – you often find them in old churches.  I got my studio mate, Clive, to pose – kind of looks like him.

This one’s also going to be on a projection loop at Residence restaurant.  I’m a resident artist for one night at a pop-up restaurant in Brighton-  8th May, making work based on the restaurant on the people who eat/drink there.  There will be 30 artists overall, one every night,  and all work made will be sold at auction through a Brighton gallery.