Portrait of an artist

ImagePencil drawing of a Chinese artist from a photo found in Modern Painters.


Tattooed model

I completed this drawing at an afternoon session at Artists’ Residence.  Drawing tattoos on skin is incredibly difficult – basically you are drawing someone else’s 2 dimensional drawing on a moving 3 dimensional body

Biro portrait


Back to life drawing again and this is a portrait of Johanna in biro…I love how versatile the medium is.


Esther’s ear

A commission to draw Esther’s ear in pencil – to be part of a wedding present for her husband…


Draw Brighton


Oli Spleen. Performance poet.

Portraits completed at “Draw Brighton” at Artist Residence in biro, ink and oil pastel.  I like the challenge of committing to the line and not having a chance to erase any mark I make.


Sketch book shops

 Things you can find in my town – buses, shops, coast guards and plenty of seagulls…